Join me for a day filled with Scrapbooking, yummy food, friends, and lots of fun in 2024!

It's all about taking those beautiful memories from your devices and giving them a tangible place in your scrapbook! This day is like a mission to rescue those neglected memories and turn them into cherished keepsakes.

Are you nodding your head at any of these?

  • Need to Marie Kondo your photo stash (it's okay, we've all been there!)

  • Want to lay out pages, preparing for a scrapbooking extravaganza later

  • Crave some peace, quiet, and creative me-time

  • Fancy some quality girlfriend hangout, with a dash of glitter and glue

  • Feeling like the world's slowest scrapbooking tortoise 🐢 and need a turbo boost

  • Have a soft spot for Palmer's Deli's delicious delights 🍲

  • Dream of brainstorming solutions for world peace, one scrap at a time 😄

Here's a glimpse of the excitement that awaits you:

🎁Exclusive Gifts and Prizes: We've stocked up on delightful surprises to reward your creativity and dedication!

🎉Crafters' Paradise: Get ready to transform those cherished memories at spacious tables designed for ultimate crafting comfort.

🍪Indulge Your Senses: Free snacks and drinks to keep you fueled and focused as you craft your heart out.

🏆Win Big: Participate in our fantastic door prize giveaways and have your chance at winning exciting goodies!

🎨Premium Craft Supplies: Explore and shop for high-quality products from Creative Memories to take your scrapbooking to new heights.

🍽️Delicious Dining Options: Opt for a delightful group lunch from Palmer's Deli (additional cost) or a pizza party for a fun and tasty break.

EMBRACE the opportunity to turn those digital memories into tangible treasures. This is your moment to shine in the scrapbooking spotlight! 🌟

COST: Saturday ONLY Crops

Hours: 9 am - 11 pm

Full Day: $40

Half Day: $25

REFUND POLICY: Please read the refund policy of each event.

COST: Weekend Retreats

Session 1: $80 (Fri Noon-Sun 4 pm)

Session 2: $45 (Fri Only Noon-Midnight)

Session 3: $50 (Sat Only 8 am-11 pm)

Session 4: $30 (Friday Noon-6 or 6:30-Midnight)

Session 5: $35 (Saturday 8 am-4 pm or 4:30 pm to 11 pm)

REFUND POLICY: Please read the refund policy of each event.


All events for 2023 and 2024 will be located at the Hampton Inn, Urbandale.

8811 Plum Drive (just off I-80/35 at the 86th St exit)


🎉Your Personal Crafty Haven: Two 5-foot tables (or go halfsies on a round table, we're all about sharing the love)

🍿Fuel for Your Creativity: Free snacks and drinks to keep those creative juices flowing

🏆The Thrill of Victory: Door prizes to make you feel like a scrapbooking champion

🎁Goodies Galore: Freebies just for being awesome and joining the party! And if you're still craving more, we've got exclusive Creative Memories products for sale.

🍽️Gourmet Galore: Choose to unite with your friends for an optional Palmer's Deli lunch (extra cost) or a pizza night (because who can resist pizza, right?)

So, grab your tape runner, bring your bestie, and let's turn those memories into masterpieces. It's a scrap-happy adventure you won't want to miss!

Product from Creative Memories will be available to purchase.

Optional group lunch order from Palmer's Deli. (additional cost)

Option group dinner order. (usually pizza at an additional cost)




Tracy Walker

Independent Consultant for Creative Memories and Forever

[email protected]